Lupulock™ Encapsulated Hop Oils

Get consistent, natural hop flavor with all-new Lupulock crafted by Kalsec. Kalsec’s innovative encapsulated hop oils enable brewers to accelerate production and reduce waste while delivering authentic flavors and aromas. Exponentially more concentrated compared to hop cones and hop pellets, Lupulock provides greater efficiencies for brewers.


  • What are Encapsulated Hops? Lupulock encapsulated hop oil technology separates the hop oils, recombines them to optimize the flavor profile and then wraps the oils inside granules of maltodextrin. This proprietary solution provides a natural, consistent and easier to store product that eliminates the variables of using traditional hops. Here's how it's made...
  • 1. Hop oils are separated from non-volatile material, eliminating waste and leaving only the pure and natural hop oil.
  • 2. Whole hop oil is fractionated naturally using minimum heat impact technology.
  • 3. The oil fractions are blended to create customized and consistent flavor profiles.
  • 4. Encapsulation creates a convenient, easy-to-use and consistent alternative to traditional hop pellets and extracts that is shelf stable in ambient temperatures for up to two years.

A Better Way to Brew


Natural hop flavors

Shelf stable for up to two years

No impact on foam stability

Flavor consistency and control


Readily dissolves

Sustainable, reliable and cost efficient

Better utilization and reduced beer loss compared to hop pellets


IPA Beer with Lupulock raw material

The Future of Brewing


Kalsec’s unique encapsulated hop oils provide brewers with more concentrated, easily soluble hop oil solutions.

Lupulock is safe and easy to dose in post-fermentation. It simplifies production compared to hop pellets and is not affected by crop variances, so it is more consistent, controlled and cost efficient. Lupulock is highly effective on its own or can be used in conjunction with dry hopping to increase sustainability by limiting ingredient waste and reducing beer loss.

Kalsec has a strong history of industry-changing innovations in hops. Lupulock is the future of sustainable advanced hop extracts by offering extended shelf life, efficient production and reduced waste to maximize value for brewers.


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