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"We Hold Nature in Awesome Respect"

“One of our strongest family values has always been environmental stewardship, and this is evident when you visit our campus in Kalamazoo. We’re still located on the family farm where five generations of my family have lived and worked with the land for over 100 years. All of it started right here in this ground.

When you know your product is used in the foods that our kids are going to eat every day, it changes the way you look at the entire process – not only in protecting the earth where we’re planting our seeds, but also how we continue to evolve our overall operations to better conserve resources, reduce waste, and take steps for tangible climate action.

Simply put, by putting my grandfather’s awesome respect for nature and protection of the natural world at the forefront of our next 100 years of decisions, we’ll exceed the lofty goals we put in place today.”


Martha Todd, Chair, Board of Directors

Sustainability Goals

It takes aggressive goals to make aggressive progress. In 2022, Kalsec pledged to take aggressive, tangible climate action with two goals:

Net Zero GHG Emissions by 2050
Zero Waste to landfill by 2030

A Natural Place to Start

Over the past 60 years, we’ve found that integrating the “best that nature has to offer” into our products has continually pushed us to do better by nature. As early thought leaders in spice extraction, Kalsec developed new quality and safety standards and, in doing so, we helped shape the industry to be more environmentally friendly. We were pioneers in the push to reduce our reliance on natural resources, and we’re proud that we developed processes that go as far as removing certain waste streams entirely.

Kalsec's largest pond in Kalamazoo

Making Business a Force For Good

Being a certified B Corp means that we will use the power of Kalsec’s business to solve social and environmental problems. Kalsec has been doing this work since 1958, and thanks to our B Corp Certification, we’re able to track and share our progress (since our B Corp status is also your B Corp status).

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