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Let the flavors & colors of noodle sauces & flavoring powders shine through while employing the protection capabilities of our powerful antioxidants.


Naturally Enhance the Color, Flavor & Shelf Life of Your Noodle Applications

More and more, consumers are looking for fast, easy and comforting foods. Noodles check all those boxes. And the flavor accompaniment of their sauces and seasoning blends offers a vast range of taste possibilities, making the experiences of different cultures and cuisines easy to provide. 

Bring a regionally authentic sensory experience to each noodle dish with our portfolio of Natural Color and Taste & Sensory Solutions. Then, utilize our Natural Food Protection products to defend your noodle dishes with performance that meets or exceeds many synthetic options. 

  • Enhanced color & flavor protection 
  • Extended shelf life 
  • Consumer-preferred clean label 
  • Savory flavors without synthetics 
  • Accurately colored sauces and seasoning packets 
  • Full dispersibility range

Proven Products for Noodles

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Simplify the creation of soups, sauces, gravy, and flavoring packets with our extracts, a simple replacement for their fresh or dry alternatives.

  • Leverage the talents of our international chefs and food scientists for regionally authentic flavors and aromas.

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Natural Food Protection


Give consumers the shorter labels they’re looking for with our effective, natural alternatives to synthetic options. Our antioxidants provide shelf life extension that rivals or exceeds the performance of artificial options.  

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Natural Color Solutions

Use our non-GMO, Whole Foods- and CFS-approved color protection and enhancement portfolio to increase visual appeal and put a clean label on the package. 

  • Replace artificial options with natural ones for precise matching of synthetic colors.

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