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Fats & Oils

Increase the shelf-life of fats & oils by maintaining color & flavor stability.


Deliver Products That Feature a Durable Sensory Experience

Fats and oils can be challenging to stabilize due to their fatty acid profiles and processing, storage and cooking conditions. Our Natural Food Protection, Colors and Taste & Sensory Solutions help maintain stability and extend shelf life while still providing consumer-friendly labels.  

Our analytical and sensory capabilities allow us to evaluate performance both quantitatively and qualitatively to ensure greater stability and authentic flavors and aromas.

  • Enhanced color & flavor protection 
  • Extended shelf life 
  • Standardized colors lot-to-lot 
  • Improved heat stability 
  • Makes commodity oils more efficient for a high oleic oil alternative    


Natural Solutions for Fats & Oils

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Create delicious and all-encompassing sensory experiences that customers return to for seconds and thirds with these effective and cost-efficient replacements for fresh or dry options. 

  • Upgrade your oils with classic, unexpected or on-trend flavor profiles inspired by our chefs.

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Extend usage life, improve heat stability, and delay oxidation and rancidity in oil applications.

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Natural Color Solutions

Reproduce rich or subtle hues while keeping the label short and improve color stability by minimizing oxidation throughout the shelf life.

  • Replace synthetic options with natural ingredients while achieving precise color matching.
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Learn more about our natural ingredient solutions for savory foods & brewed beverages.

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