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Meat & Poultry

Reduce oxidation & spoilage naturally while also delivering mouth-watering flavors, accurate colors & cleaner labels. 


Proven Protection, Flavor & Color Derived from Natural Ingredients

Because it is often the centerpiece of the meal or dining experience, there is significant desire from consumers for cleaner labels on meat and poultry. Turn to us to meet their expectations by extending the shelf life and stabilizing the color of meat or poultry with natural clean label ingredients. 

Our specialties go beyond the meat itself and into seasonings and marinades that can transform a standard cut into a spicy, smoky or herbaceous taste sensation. Count on our easy-to-incorporate extracts to bring these complex flavors to the recipe with just one natural blend.

  • Authentic savory or innovative flavors 
  • Enhanced color & flavor protection 
  • Oxidation mitigation through antioxidants 
  • Spoilage and pathogen inhibition through antimicrobials 
  • Reliable & standardized colors, lot-to-lot 
  • Consumer-preferred clean labels  
  • Reduced waste lowers costs

Proven Products for Meat & Poultry

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Create delicious and all-encompassing sensory experiences that customers will return to for seconds and thirds with these effective and cost-efficient replacements for fresh or dry options. 

  • Bring instantly recognizable or new taste creations inspired by our chefs to your meat and dry blend rubs or marinades.

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Natural Food Protection

Keep meat & poultry fresher, longer, thereby reducing food waste and the time and money spent on markdowns and throwaways.

  • Inhibit spoilage microorganisms and pathogens to increase the safety and shelf life of meat & poultry.

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Natural Colors

Replace artificial ingredients with our natural options, providing vibrant colors which are protected against deterioration throughout the shelf life.

  • Shorten your labels with ingredients from vegetables, fruits, plants and other edible sources.

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