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Benefit from the knowledge and technical expertise of our Application, Analytical, Sensory and R&D teams.


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Our analytical chemists employ qualitative and quantitative testing, along with chemometrics, to ensure that the ingredients we use meet the strictest global standards, are pesticide compliant and haven’t been adulterated in any way that would affect your product’s marketability.

Additionally, our Natural Food Protection scientists use an array of methods and technology like mass spectrometers, chromatography and rapid oxidation tests, to measure the efficacy of our products and offer informed guidance on what will best protect your food and beverages.

While our Hop analytical capabilities allow for precise measurement of hop bitterness and aroma compounds to give you an authentic and consistent brew every time. Our gas chromatography mass spectrometer enables us to target the most desirable components of hop oil and pull them out via our patented vacuum fractionation process. This combination of analytical tools, knowledge and processes is used to create hop solutions to meet the precise flavor, aroma or bitterness you’re looking for.  


Leverage the talents and experience of our chefs, scientists and sensory specialists.

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