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Plant-Based Proteins 

Create flavors & colors that are indistinguishable from traditional meat, poultry & dairy—or develop a brand new taste sensation. 


Enhance the Color, Flavor & Protection of Your Plant-Based Products Using All Natural Ingredients

Plant-based proteins are now no longer a trend but an expectation that health- and sustainability-conscious individuals demand when eating out or food shopping. 

Consumers first eat with their eyes, and creating plant-based products that are not only delicious but visually appealing is a must.   

Additionally, many shoppers are turning to plant-based options for the nutritional benefits they can provide, with consumers placing a high importance on clean labels. 

Let us help you replace artificial ingredients with our naturally sourced replacements for authentic colors, savory flavors and longer shelf lives.

  • Consumer-preferred clean labels 
  • Natural flavors & colors 
  • Opportunities to create new taste experiences
  • Extend shelf life & inhibit spoilage 
  • Eye-catching colors that are stable throughout shelf life 
  • Grow your distribution footprint without sacrificing the quality or appetite appeal of your product

Rely on Our Expertise in a Variety of Plant-Based Products

Win over consumers with dairy analogs that are colored exactly like their full dairy counterparts and feature extended shelf lives using natural ingredients.  


Proven Products for Plant-Based Proteins

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Create craveable flavors for plant-based products that meet classic expectations or exceed adventurous palates.

  • Let our chef’s inspirations elevate your plant-based proteins for a sophisticated sensory experience. 

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Natural Food Protection


Inhibit the growth of common spoilage microorganisms and pathogens with our powerful antimicrobials. Our scientifically proven natural protection solutions help ensure the safety and extend the shelf life of your plant-based food.

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Natural Color Solutions

Color is key to consumer appeal, but it is particularly important in plant-based applications as color association can be used to make plant-based alternatives look like their animal counterparts. 

  • Achieve the perfect shade no matter the protein source and base color with our broad portfolio of Vegetone® Natural Colors

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