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Develop rich & sophisticated hop flavor profiles while improving yields. 


Create Something Refreshing & New or Brew Your Existing Portfolio More Efficiently

Beverages bring people together, whether it’s over beers with colleagues or with an interesting new hard seltzer that your friends are raving about. People are increasingly trying new tastes in beverages they might otherwise not in food, while others prefer trusted flavors that hit them exactly like they remember. As such, both traditional and exciting new sensory experiences shine in this space. 

Let us help you deliver new or instantly recognizable beverages while also benefiting from all the operational advantages hop extracts provide. They offer greater consistency when compared to hop pellets. Plus, our Natural Flavor Solutions provide consistent, and unique experiences in a consumer preferred label.

  • Specialized hop flavors & aromas 
  • Consistent flavor & aroma retained over time 
  • Use less warehouse space with concentrated ingredients 
  • Longer shelf life and reduced shipping costs 
  • Dramatically decrease new recipe development time

Rely on Our Expertise in a Variety of Beverage Types

Dial in precise hop flavors and aromas and reliably reproduce them each time, all while enjoying increased yields over traditional hopping methods.


Proven Products for Brewed Beverages

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Benefit from our leadership in the food ingredient space and introduce unique savory flavors into your beverages.

  • Bring the heat and popular spicy flavors to create a craveable beverage that comes with a punch. 

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Keep your beverages on the shelf longer with naturally sourced solutions. Our antioxidants allow you to list recognizable ingredients on the package while providing the same or better product protection as artificial preservatives. 

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Natural Hop Solutions

Finely tune your hop sensory profile or introduce exciting new flavors into your beer, NA beer and hard seltzer.

  • Deliver clean, consistent hop bitterness while reducing the amount of wort loss due to vegetative matter in the beer brewing process. 

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