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Flavors & Seasoning Blends

Bring consistency & stability to your seasoning blends for flavors & colors that are maintained throughout their shelf life.


Allow the Sensory Attributes to Be Fully Experienced

Chefs understand that seasonings, herbs and spices open up an enormous landscape of possibilities. Whether part of a blend or on their own, herbs and spices give a dish its personality. They have the potential to steer any food in a whole new taste direction. 

Once created, maintaining seasoning profiles can be tricky. Our color, taste and protection solutions help you mitigate oxidation for more time on the shelf. Additionally, our extracts allow you to add complex flavors and colors easily and in less time than other means, offering greater consistency than dry spices or herbs.

  • Consumer-preferred clean labels 
  • Oxidation mitigation through antioxidants 
  • Coloring & flavor last throughout shelf life 
  • Reduced caking

Proven Products for Flavors & Seasoning Blends

Taste & Sensory Solutions

We use natural extracts as the foundation of our products, as opposed to other practices which construct a flavor using a chemical base first.

  • Generate sophisticated sensory experiences borne from complex cooking techniques or authentic international flavors.

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Provide shelf life extension with recognizable, clean label ingredients. Our antioxidants inhibit key markers of oxidation while also raising opportunities for flavor modulation and shelf life extension in pass-through applications like meat & poultry.

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Natural Color Solutions

Benefit from our concentrated products that allow you to minimize dosing and avoid substantial formulation changes or caking.

  • Replace artificial options for natural ones with precise matching of synthetic colors.

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Learn more about our natural ingredient solutions for savory foods & brewed beverages.

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