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Invent your next snack sensation & protect its outstanding flavor & color longer.


Grab Attention with Exciting New Flavors & Colors While Extending Shelf Life

Snacks are everywhere—from kids’ lunches to being the main focus of social gatherings. Keeping us going while we’re on the move or giving us something to look forward to throughout the day, snacks’ popularity offers an opportunity to generate indelible sensory experiences. 

Our naturally sourced Taste & Sensory Solutions let you create classic or unique recipes in less time, giving you more room to experiment. Our Natural Color Solutions offer hues from classic to bold, and give you consistency from batch to batch. We can also enhance the safety of snacks with our Natural Food Protection products. All this is possible with our all natural ingredients for a cleaner label your customers can feel good about taking home.

  • Consumer-preferred clean labels 
  • Enhanced shelf life 
  • Classic & trending flavors 
  • Versatility to create any desired flavor 
  • Coloring & flavor last throughout shelf life 
  • Full solubility range

Proven Products for Snacks

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Combine our natural ingredients and the flavors of cooking techniques that we've mastered to bring endless taste possibilities to snacks.

  • Upgrade your products with fresh or international flavors straight from our kitchens all across the globe.

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Natural Food Protection


Extend the product life of your snacks with recognizable, clean label ingredients. Our antioxidants slow the degradation of aromas and flavors and rival or exceed the performance of artificial options.

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Natural Color Solutions

Let our vibrant or authentic color options communicate the flavors of your snacks for an all-encompassing sensory experience.

  • Replace synthetic options with consumer-preferred natural ingredients.

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