One of the strongest capabilities of Kalsec authentic flavor extracts is the overall flavor of a sauce, which could include a time-consuming cooking technique such as caramelizing or roasting. An example of this is Thai red curry paste. Learn more about the versatility of Kalsec’s flavor extracts with Chef Anna:


Showcasing Authentic Flavor Extracts

As a chef, my job is to make the best dish possible, no matter if I am located in Thailand or in the U.S. Myself and other chefs are also expected to understand the nuances of regional ingredients and to capture them in the finished product. Here is where Kalsec blends can help you to showcase different flavors and ingredients from around the world, such as galangal, lemongrass, shallots, and Thai basil.

Kalsec blends can help target the single ingredients within a blend and the overall experience of a dish along with its color, heat, and pungency, and ultimate solubility for your product development. This liquid extract blend can give a chef or a product developer the opportunity to flavor the expected dish, such as a Thai red curry cooking sauce, and it can easily be worked into a variety of applications like marinades, meat products, or snacks easily.

Dry Spice Replacement

Another example is plating this liquid onto a dry medium, such as salt or maltodextrin, to disperse it evenly onto a crunchy snack. In each bite, you’ll have a consistent, authentic flavor and color that causes the consumer to question how you were able to get the entire experience of a whole dish in just one crisp. Learn more about dry spice replacement HERE.