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Natural Food Protection Capabilities

Proven products, techniques & experience to enhance the safety and shelf life of your food & beverages.


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Our knowledgeable team of scientists use a variety of methods and equipment to measure the effectiveness of our natural food protection products to recommend the ideal solution based on your needs. 

  • Mass spectrometers identify compounds and determine properties of molecules which is useful in recognizing and quantifying antioxidants in even the most complex food matrices. 
  • High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) provides qualitative and quantitative analysis of the components within a sample to confirm the ideal product and dosage.  
  • Gas Chromatography (GC) detects and measures degradation compounds in order to monitor oxidation over time. 
  • Temperature-controlled units simulate frozen & refrigerated product storage conditions. 
  • Rapid oxidation tests like the Oxidative Stability Index (OSI) and Rancimat determine the oxidative stability of different treatments.  
  • The Protein Innovation Lab focuses on improving the shelf life and safety of proteins using industry standard production and packaging processes for a true measure of performance.  
  • The microbiology lab holds both Biosafety Level-1 (BSL-1) and Biosafety Level-2 (BSL-2) ratings and conducts studies on food safety and shelf life with both pathogenic and non-pathogenic spoilage microbes. 

Leverage the talents & experience of our chefs, scientists & sensory specialists.

Reach out to the experts at Kalsec.

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