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Meat Alternatives

Make meatless products that taste, look & cook like the real thing—all while naturally extending shelf life.


Deliver Better-Looking, Better-Tasting Meat Analogs That Last Longer

More people every day are looking to reduce their meat consumption without having to give up the traditional sensory experience of real meat. We’ve captured those tastes, colors and aromas in our naturally sourced extracts so you can add craveable flavors and authentic colors into your meat alternatives.   

We’ve also leveraged consumers’ growing enthusiasm for experimentation by providing you with the tools to bring new and on-trend flavors to the meatless market with our cost-effective, easy-to-use extracts. Furthermore, we can help provide powerful protection for your meat alternatives with our scientifically proven antimicrobials for safer, longer-lasting food.

  • Traditional meat flavors & colors 
  • Opportunities to create new taste sensations 
  • Coloring that changes from raw to cooked 
  • Consumer-preferred clean labels 
  • Extended shelf life 
  • Inhibit growth of spoilage microorganisms

Proven Products for Meat Alternatives

Taste & Sensory Solutions

Bring over the flavor and aroma from traditional meat or offer an exciting new experience. 

  • Let our chef-inspired products elevate your meat alternatives for a sophisticated sensory experience. 

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Antimicrobials - DuraShield

Improve the safety and shelf life of refrigerated meat analogs by impeding the growth of common spoilage microorganisms and pathogens with our powerful antimicrobials. Rely on our years of experience and proven solutions mitigating microbial spoilage to help make your products a success. 

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Natural Color Solutions

Take advantage of the many formulations we offer to meet a wide range of pH and storage conditions. We have a wide range of colors that can be incorporated into every step in your process.  

  • Achieve convincing colors for both raw and cooked appearances, like a plant-based burger that is pink when raw but cooks up to be a mouth-watering brown.

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