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High Stability Technology

Maintain high color stability & performance while increasing shelf-life through the added benefits of antioxidants.


Deliver Better-Looking, Longer-Lasting Colors to Your Applications

Formulate with products that are designed to last. Our Durabrite High Stability Technology employs antioxidants from natural sources that are carefully chosen to inhibit oxidation and degradation of pigments, maintaining the color and flavor quality you intended. 

  • With industry-leading color stability in your products, Durabrite is formulated to protect against heat, light, oxygen, and stressful processing.
  • Consistent flavor perception—as little as 8% color loss can influence how a consumer interprets flavor. Durabrite can limit that loss and maintain a consistent appearance throughout your product’s entire shelf life. 
  • Single-blend color solutions are simple to add into production, are designed to maximize stability at a realistic cost-in-use and offer standardized performance and color concentration lot-to-lot.
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Explore Durabrite High Stability Technology

Flavor & Seasoning Blends

Extend colors in spices and seasonings so they last longer on store shelves and in customers’ cabinets.   

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Bring colors to brines and pickled vegetables that last longer and look crisper in the jar.

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Plant-Based Proteins

Navigate tricky formulation processes by using our easy-to-add single-blend color solutions.

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Plant-Based Protein - Dairy Alternatives

Keep creamy textures looking fresh throughout the entire shelf life.

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Plant-Based Protein - Meat Alternatives

Create meat, poultry and seafood analogs that resist oxidation, reducing product waste. 

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Sauces, Dressings & Condiments

Add longer-lasting colors into an application that often uses clear packaging.

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Protect the color of your snacks to maintain an engaging sensory experience for your customers.   

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Our Aquaresin® lines of oleoresins are soluble & dispersible in both water & oil.

Oleoresins provide an easy way to introduce Natural Color Solutions into your formulation.


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Learn more about our natural ingredient solutions for the food industry.


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