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Vegetone® Natural Colors 

Grab consumers' attention using natural color ingredients that provide you with consistent & reliable performance. 

Colors That Look Good & Labels That Look Even Better

Meet growing consumer expectations for natural ingredients while still bringing bold and authentic colors to your products. Our natural color products come from vegetables, fruits, plants and other edible sources. The color pigments are selectively extracted from their raw material for colors consumers recognize and associate with freshness and flavor. Our full range can be combined into customized blends that will match the hue you desire.


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Durabrite® High Stability Technology
Naturebrite® Coloring Foodstuffs

Durabrite® High Stability Technology

For natural colors that are heat and light stable, take advantage of our patented stabilization system and proprietary extraction technologies. Our experts know how to unlock the true potential of nature.


Naturebrite® Coloring Foodstuffs

Meeting European regulations for natural ingredients, our coloring foodstuffs offer a wide variety of color options for attracting consumers while keeping the label clean.


Color Hues & Pigments

Our natural colors cover an extensive range of hues, from yellow to orange, pink to red, to blue, green and brown.

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Learn more about our natural ingredient solutions for the food industry.


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Delivery Systems

We translate natural ingredients into easy-to-use colour solutions, enabling your desired hue in a variety of applications.


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