Kalsec offers solutions to replace fresh and dehydrated ingredients in formulations which can lead to significant economic advantages, as well as better flavor expression, consistency and stability. Our concentrated liquid extracts are easy to incorporate into a variety of matrices such as sauces, soups, marinades, oils and even dry seasoning blends.


Dry Spice Replacement

Since our products are concentrated liquid extracts, the replacement ratio can sometimes be as large as 1:30 for some dry powders. These starting usage rates are recommended for 100% replacements, but we can easily help formulate for partial replacement too. Partial replacement is advantageous, especially when considering flavor versus visual expression in a spice or seasoning blend.

For example, some sauces and dressings have flecks of black pepper and parsley in them, which can be very appealing for the consumer. We can provide a flavor boost to the black pepper and parsley using our concentrated liquid extracts at a partial replacement ratio while still maintaining some of the raw material components for the visual expression in the sauce.

Kalsec IsoFresh® Line

Our IsoFresh line is specifically formulated to retain the fresh flavor of herbs or alliums that will be stable through heat-intense processing. This is best exhibited in marinades and salsas that require fresh flavor, like cilantro or garlic, but are retorted at high heat which can often exhibit a raw material flavor. Kalsec’s IsoFresh line retains the fresh flavor through processing and with a much longer shelf life than fresh raw ingredients.

Range of Capabilities

Kalsec has a wide range of capabilities to assist in dry spice replacement and formulation. Our sales team can help determine your economical and functional advantage specific to you and your product. Our sensory team of expert panelists can help determine flavor expression before, during and after replacement, and our applications team can assist with any product formulation questions, especially when considering the final matrix.