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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Bring consumer-desired authentic & difficult-to-reproduce characteristics of full-strength beer to your NA beer while increasing efficiencies in your brewing process. 


Accentuate the Qualities Consumers Prefer in Beer

NA brewing has evolved into multiple distinctive processes, all aimed at delivering a genuine beer-like experience. However, each process has its benefits and weaknesses in delivering reliable beer characteristics.  

Our NA beer solutions and capabilities can improve upon these traits, providing hop aroma and bitterness, fermentation character, ethanol flavor and enhanced mouthfeel for a more beer-like experience. 

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  • No beer loss due to hopping for improved yields and margins
  • Proven performance increasing consumer preferred beer characteristics 
  • Clean, consistent hop character 
  • Dial in precise flavor and aroma  
  • Reduce your new recipe development time drastically
  • Reduce your ingredient shipping and storage costs 

Proven Products for Non-Alcoholic Beer

Natural Hop Solutions

Finely tune your hop sensory profile, improve yields and consistency or reduce beer loss.

  • Deliver clean, consistent hop bitterness while reducing the amount of wort loss due to vegetative matter.

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NA Beer Capabilities

Rely on our array of analytical and sensory specialists to deliver solutions to the complex challenges of efficiently brewing high-quality NA beer.  


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