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Achieve nuanced hop flavors & aromas independent of bitterness that win over fans while increasing yields & reducing beer loss for a better bottom line.


Brew Exciting New Beers & Improve Your Processes at the Same Time

There are tremendous opportunities to gain customer loyalty in the contemporary beer market. A slight spin on a classic IPA may result in an enthusiastic new following, or a wild and unique hoppy beverage could get liked and shared by an entirely new crowd.   

Capitalize on this passion with our hop extracts and all the business-friendly benefits that come with them. They offer greater flexibility in the brewing process and cost less in the long run. Plus, they contribute to increased beer production and ensure uniformity from batch to batch, every time. 

  • Clean, consistent hop character, independent of bitterness 
  • Dial in flavor, aroma and bitterness precisely and consistently 
  • No beer loss due to hopping for improved yields 
  • Multiple dosing points for simplicity and process agility 
  • Reduces rework due to seasonal and environmental variation of ingredients 
  • Speed new product development with increased confidence  

Proven Products for Brewed Beverages

Natural Hop Solutions

Finely tune your hop sensory profile while improving yields and consistency.

  • Deliver clean, consistent hop bitterness while reducing the amount of wort loss due to vegetative matter.

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Beer Capabilities

Rely on our array of analytical and sensory specialists to deliver solutions to the complex challenges that brewing high-quality beer efficiently.


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