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Hard Seltzer

Stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace with our flavorful & flexible hard seltzer solutions. 


Create New or Traditional Tastes Made from Natural Ingredients

Consumers are adventurous when it comes to beverages, and are seeking increased sophistication and complexity in the hard seltzer flavors they consume. Alternatively, some will prefer familiar beverages that taste exactly like they expect.    

Satisfy both types of customers with our ultra-customizable Hard Seltzer Solutions. Add authentic, traditional fruit and citrus flavors, genuine hop character or something more exotic. In addition, our natural extracts allow you to deliver a consumer-preferred label on the can that creates a unique, natural point of difference. 

  • Dial in flavor and aroma precisely and consistently 
  • Multiple dosing points for simplicity and process agility 
  • Natural flavors crafted specifically to help your hard seltzer shine 
  • Reduce your ingredient shipping and storage costs

Proven Products for Hard Seltzers

Natural Hop Solutions

Premium, full-flavor, easy-to-use extracts that allow for multiple dosing opportunities throughout your process.

  • Gain precise control of aroma and flavor independent of bitterness for a truly unique addition to your hard seltzer lineup with our highly concentrated hop oils.

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Hard Seltzer Capabilities

Rely on our array of analytical and sensory specialists to deliver solutions to the complex challenges of creating premium  hard seltzer efficiently and consistently.  


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