Asian noodle bowl with chili peppers, limes, and garlic

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Accessorizing a Dish: A Chef’s Perspective
Article by Chef Cory Barrett


How to Build a Better Burger with Alternative Protein Flavor
Article by Kathryn Thamann


Validating an Alternative Protein Flavor
Article by Robin Boyle


Comfort Food with a Twist
Article by Chloe Stewart and Adrian Yee


Creative Kitchen Cooking Techniques: Why Would a CPG Company Care About Reaction Flavors?
Article by Shane McDonald, PhD


Flavour Pairings
Article by Chloe Stewart with insights from Chef Andrew Bingham and Chef Ken Burns

Julie Heine

Julie Heine, President and Chief Commercial Officer

Kalsec's commitment to culinary is deeply rooted in our history.  Throughout our 64 years in business, we have grown unique varietals of herbs, spices and vegetables with an innate understanding of agronomic conditions to develop desirable sensorial characteristics. As specialists in the creation of natural extracts, we have also been on a culinary journey to bring Taste and Sensory Solutions to your production team. The result? Authenticity of flavor, favorable economics and ease of use. To accomplish this, we have expanded our expertise through the addition of talented chefs, either directly or through our culinary network, and we have held ourselves to the highest possible standards in creating world-class culinary ingredients that will distinguish your products.

What are the key ingredients in your secret sauce that will define your next success? That’s likely a figurative and literal question given our shared passion for the food industry. In this edition of Crafting Taste, I trust that you will see Kalsec through a new lens, one that puts our culinary expertise and culinary ingredient collections squarely in the essentials of your kitchen or lab.