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Kalsec’s natural antioxidants can help you manage the cost and availability issues in your oil supply that result from supply chain fluctuations. From enhancing standard oils with natural antioxidants to alternatives that help you manage price fluctuations and uncertain supply, we’ll partner with you to find solutions that are safe, effective and readily available for a wide range of applications, including cereals, snacks, soups, sauces & dressings, margarine and fats & oils.

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Our solutions, including Herbalox® Rosemary Extract and Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems are backed by scientific research that proves their effectiveness. We look forward to sharing with you the tremendous impact natural antioxidants can have in addressing your needs for oil alternatives in your application.

Replacing High Oleic Oils with Standard Oils Plus Natural Antioxidants

Due to a combination of global issues, food manufacturers are facing soaring costs and market availability issues with high oleic oils. By incorporating natural antioxidants into standard oils, Kalsec can help control costs and reliability while maintaining or even increasing oxidative stability. These studies demonstrate the overall effectiveness of canola and sunflower oil treated with natural antioxidants compared to untreated oils—both on their own and in a snack application.

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Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils Containing Naturally Sourced Antioxidants Compared to High Oleic Oil

High oleic oils are rapidly replacing synthetic additives as a way to manage oxidation and extend shelf life, but it can come at a cost. By adding natural antioxidants to commodity oils, Kalsec can help food manufacturers achieve a clean label while managing costs. In this white paper, multiple natural antioxidants are tested and successfully demonstrate stability and shelf-life effectiveness.

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Managing Price Fluctuation with Tocopherol Alternatives

Vegetable oil prices are at record highs due to a poor harvest, low reserve and geopolitical factors. Alternatives are necessary to combat supply issues—which will not taper in the near future. Kalsec can help with antioxidant solutions that are all natural and sourced from a vertically integrated supply. They include:

Herbalox Rosemary Extract

Duralox Oxidation Management Systems