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Rosemary Extract

Increase the value of your products to retailers and consumers with natural shelf life extension.


Keep Your Food & Beverages Fresher Longer Without Artificial Ingredients

Herbalox Rosemary Extract established the standard for natural oxidation-inhibiting products, creating the foundation for our array of leading-edge, label-sensitive antioxidant solutions. 

Herbalox products allow you to delay oxidation in a diverse range of applications from meat and poultry to fats and oils to snacks.

Specific statements and examples of applications may not apply in all geographical regions. Usage and labeling and associated claims may vary based on governmental regulations.
  • Scientifically proven to deliver oxidative stability as well as or better than synthetic food preservatives.
  • Available in a range of standardized flavors, from a hint of rosemary to more intense versions that enhance the sensory experience of your products. 
  • Highly concentrated and easily dispersible for reliable and consistent distribution.
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Explore Herbalox Rosemary Extract


Maintain the flavor profile of citrus oils by reducing peroxide values.

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Fats & Oils

Increase the stability and shelf life of non-hydrogenated oils using naturally sourced ingredients.

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Flavors & Seasoning Blends

Add protection properties to a variety of seasonings which in turn provide those qualities to products like meat & poultry when the seasoning is added. 

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Meat & Poultry

Achieve the sought-after clean label that shoppers look for—without sacrificing the shelf life of your products.

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Protect flavors in oils, seasoning and the noodles themselves with rosemary extract which outperforms other synthetic options.

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Plant-Based Protein – Dairy Alternatives

Stabilize dairy analogs without imparting the noticeable flavor and aroma typical of other preservatives.

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Significantly delay oxidation in fried snacks, nuts and commodity oils. 

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Our Aquaresin® line of oleoresins is soluble and dispersible in both water and oil.

Oleoresins provide an easy way to introduce natural food protection into your formulation.


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