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Hop Oils with Natural Flavors

Combine hop flavors & aromas with distinctive natural flavors to create truly standout beverages that traditional hopping alone can't match.


Add Character That Can’t Be Achieved Through Hops Alone

Citrusy, berry-flavor, spiced or a combination of a few, when natural flavors are matched with hop oils, they can become fan favorites that stand out from the crowd and create loyalty that lasts a lifetime.      

We make our hop oils with natural flavors by separating key hop oil fractions and combining them with 100% naturally sourced fruit and spice flavors. What’s more, there’s no vegetative waste, so product loss is reduced. And because crop variability isn’t an issue, you can rely on a consistent, signature flavor profile for your alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from season to season and year to year.  

  • Dial in the exact flavor you envision with instant results after addition for rapid recipe finalization.
  • No vegetative waste means more beer and improved cost of production for each batch, without sacrificing the high quality your consumers demand.
  • Reduce time spent micro-adjusting recipes and worrying about batch consistency with reliable performance that’s not impacted by crop variability.

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Explore Hop Oils with Natural Flavors


Benefit from the ease of use these products provide, giving you more room and time to experiment.     

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We translate traditional hop characteristics into easy-to-dose natural hop solutions.

Available in multiple delivery systems, enabling you to create premium beverages with authentic hop character.


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