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100% Hop Derived Oils

Precisely select flavor & aroma characteristics with lupulin-derived hop oils to create a truly authentic and distinctive beer.


Dial-in Your Ideal Level of Flavor & Aroma Completely Independent of Bitterness

HopRival products begin as a lupulin extract, then key desirable hop oil fractions are separated and made into unique blends that mimic, or rival, hops that have undergone the fermentation process. The result is all the flavors and aromas of traditional hopping without the vegetative waste from bract. 

Comprised of 100% hop-derived oils, HopRival is ideal for a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic brewed beverages, from traditional European lagers to newer styles exploding with fruity hop character. 

  • Post-fermentation hop oil additions allow you to get to market faster with increased confidence.
  • Impart all the hop character without any vegetative waste for a more efficient process. 
  • Reduce time spent micro-adjusting recipes and worrying about batch consistency with reliable and uniform performance that’s not impacted by crop variability.

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Explore HopRival® 100% Hop Derived Oils


Brew better beer more efficiently with ultra-concentrated lupulin for achieving exact hop flavor and aroma with less waste. 

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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Bring the traditional beer sensory experience to NA beer far more easily than with dry hops. 

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Hard Seltzer

Create unique beverages by using our hop oils for distinctive flavors and aromas that stand out in a crowded market. 

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We translate traditional hop characteristics into easy-to-dose natural hop solutions.

Available in multiple delivery systems, enabling you to create premium beverages with authentic hop character.


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