Our application scientists and flavor chemists have determined that special flavor and aroma character can be obtained when blending hop oils with other natural flavors. Frequently this is done for a unique effect but it can also be done for cost-effectiveness or for better product stability.

Our team of hop and flavor chemists, sensory panelists and hop applications scientists combined the hop oil fractions into unique Kalsec blended hop aroma and flavor products for your benefit and use.

Some of our specialized hop and flavor products are listed below so you can learn more about our offerings.

OvertureOvertonesAmerican Fruit CharactersOther Flavor Characters


Overture delivers a background hop character that is rounded, balanced and capable of completely replacing aroma hopping. It is not only economical but also provides a balanced hop floral, fruity and spicy aroma from hop oils and other flavors.


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Overtones are hop aroma blends with emphasis on hop floral, fruity and spicy flavors and aromas from hop oils and other natural flavors.


Overtones provide a consistent, flexible tool that facilitates your creativity. You can use them alone or in combination:

  • With other HopRival┬« varieties
  • With hop pellets or whole hops
  • To create your own proprietary hop signature
  • To develop your own hop sensory lexicon

Dry Hop II, III, IV


Our Dry Hop II, III and IV product lines provide American citrus dry hop character from hop oils and other flavors.

West Coast Hopshine


The West Coast Hopshine was developed to provide American tropical fruit dry hop character from hop oils and other flavors.

Beer Type Flavor

Kalsec® Beer Type Flavor provides beer aroma and flavor from hop oils and other flavors which can be used both for beer and food applications.

Spice and Fruit Characters


Our full portfolio of products provides brewers with aroma and flavor extracts that combine hop oils with other natural flavors to customize your beer flavor and aroma with excellent consistency and convenience.

Some of these extracts include:

  • Pumpkin Spice Flavor
  • Winter Ale Flavor
  • Sour Raspberry Flavor
  • Lemon Shandy Flavor
  • Passion Fruit Flavor
  • Blood Orange Moon Flavor

Barrel Aged Flavor

Relying on the expertise of our full team of flavor scientists, chemists and researchers to provide authentic flavor profiles, we offer natural barrel aged flavor for your beer application.


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