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Beverage Flavors

Discover why better flavor starts with fresh botanical ingredients.


Bring Natural & Fresh New Experiences Into the Bottle or Can

Our BotaniKals beverage flavors provide a broad range of high-quality blends that compound hop bittering acids, hop oils and natural extracts of herbs, spices and other plants for a distinctive, natural flavor experience not found elsewhere.  

BotaniKals also deliver a consumer-preferred label for a variety of applications, including beers, ciders, tonics, hard seltzers and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

  • Proven consistency and control of the flavor profile to ensure your consumers have the same experience every batch.
  • Get the exact flavor you need whether that is a complex floral profile, the elusive blood orange, woody hop oil notes or the delicate flavor of turmeric.
  • Effective dispersion and extremely easy dosing at multiple points in the process for the flexibility to create your next classic.
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Explore BotaniKals Beverage Flavors


Brew a fresher tasting beer that’ll win over beer drinkers looking for new experiences. 

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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Introduce refreshing botanical flavors to a market segment that places a high importance on healthy products.

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Hard Seltzer

Complement the freshness of BotaniKals with the fizz of hard seltzers for a perfect pairing consumers can’t get enough of.

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We translate natural flavors into easy-to-dose solutions.

Available in multiple delivery systems, enabling you to craft premium beverages.


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Learn more about our natural ingredient solutions.


Find out how BotaniKals can elevate your beverage experience.

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