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Natural Flavor Solutions

Choose from a diverse & refreshing range of natural flavors optimized for use in the alcoholic beverage industry.


Create a Natural Point of Differentiation in the Flavors of Your Brewed Beverages

Crafted from the best ingredients nature has to offer, our Natural Flavor Solutions were made to address the challenges inherent in adding natural flavors to brewed beverages. Our team starts with the end goal in mind, relying on their wealth of flavor development experience and brewing knowledge—a unique combination only Kalsec can provide.

Our flavors are designed from the start to work seamlessly within a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from hard seltzers and ciders to beers and NA beers.  With our global regulatory knowledge, we can help you get to market faster, more confidently.

  • Proven consistency and control of the flavor profile to ensure your consumers have the same experience in every batch.
  • Whether it’s a crowd-pleaser like citrus or ginger or a more sophisticated spiced vanilla or sour raspberry, get precise and authentic flavors with a consumer-friendly label. 
  • Effective dispersion and extremely easy dosing at multiple points in the process for the flexibility to create your next classic.

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Explore Natural Flavor Solutions


Enjoy consistency with every batch, even recipes that feature complex flavor profiles.  

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Non-Alcoholic Beer

Leverage NA beer drinkers’ enthusiasm for non-traditional beer flavors by experimenting with our easy-to-incorporate extracts.   

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Hard Seltzer

Pair refreshing, natural tastes with your seltzers for authentic classic flavors or wild new creations.  

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We translate natural flavors into easy-to-dose solutions.

Available in multiple delivery systems, enabling you to create premium beverages.


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