Kalsec® is a global leader in the development of natural spice and herb flavor extracts, natural colors, natural food protection and advanced hop products for the manufactured food, beverage, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets. Our products, derived from natural herbs, spices, vegetables and hops, are translated into easy-to-use liquids ideal for most formulations. These are of the highest quality and consistency available. Our expertise and resources encompass a full line of all-natural, innovative products and solutions to meet the challenges faced by food and beverage manufacturers throughout the industry and around the world.

Food Protection Colors Spice & Herb Flavor Extracts Advanced Hop Products

Food Protection

Making food look better, taste better and last longer means paying attention to shelf life and food safety. Kalsec naturally sourced food protection solutions are backed by years of scientific expertise and knowledge for assured performance. From natural antioxidant solutions to antioxidant/antimicrobial blends, Kalsec has the high quality, industry-leading products you need to keep your labels clean and your products safe.


The use of natural colors derived from fruits, vegetables and other natural sources alleviates consumer concerns regarding synthetic food colors. Kalsec natural colors cover an extensive range of hues, from yellow to orange, to red, to blue to green. Research shows that approximately 80 percent of what we experience through the senses is visual. Nine out of 10 consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors when shopping. As many as 85 percent of consumers place color as a primary reason for why they purchase a product. How a product looks impacts the consumer’s purchase and even influences how food and beverages are perceived through taste. Consumers are looking for simpler, cleaner ingredient statements. They want to know and understand the ingredients in the food and beverages they consume.

Spice & Herb Flavor Extracts

Spice and herb flavor extracts have played an important role in the processed food industry for more than 50 years. Makers of prepared foods and food ingredients rely on extracts for consistent, natural, and reproducible flavor, aroma and color. We sell a full line of natural spice and herb flavor extracts and essential oils, including everything from bay and coriander to rosemary and white pepper. In addition, we continue to develop products to meet your needs for just the right flavor profile and heat. These include a full line of heat management products, our extensive Culinary Collection of ethnic flavor profiles, Creative Kitchen™ authentic flavor profiles that mimic culinary cooking techniques, and our IsoFresh® products, which allow for fresh organoleptic characteristics to be maintained throughout rigorous processes such as canning.

Advanced Hop Products

Kalsec has been providing the brewing industry with advanced hop extracts for more than 30 years. Our HopRival® natural hop extracts deliver flavor and aroma that rival traditional hopping. Our Craft Brew Solutions™ offer a line of hop extracts specifically developed to enhance the craft brewing process. These products provide a consistent foundation of hop characteristics while presenting other unique features, including a variety of distinct hop flavors and hop aromas.

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