Kalsec's overall B Impact Score is 100.8

Scores Outperform All Other Companies in Our Sector

B Corp month is a fitting time to formally announce that Kalsec has recently been recertified as a B Corp after a rigorous onsite audit. 

Kalsec’s long-held business philosophies align closely with the standards of the B Corp movement and its emphasis on using business as a force for good. As a company, we have prioritized environmental and social responsibility from our beginning and our B Corp certification is one way we validate our continued high performance and transparency in those areas.

Highlights of Our B Impact Score 

Our overall B Impact Score of 100.8 represents a 22% increase over our previous score. We also achieved a higher score in every performance category (Customers, Environment, Community, Workers, & Governance) than the average score of other companies in the manufacturing sector.

See how our scores compare to our peers in the manufacturing sector.

During the recertification audit, B Lab analysts highlighted two exemplary areas where we’ve made exceptional progress:

Environment: Resource Conservation and Toxin Reduction. This was highlighted due to our best practices with sustainable supply chain management, comprehensive recycling programs, responsible water treatment, and efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Workers: Health and Safety. This was highlighted due to our health and safety measures including healthy buildings, proper safety protocol, routine inspections, and proper personal protective equipment utilization.

Kalsec is Proud to Continue to be a Part of the Global B Corp Community

“Our B Corp journey began over 8 years ago as the Todd family started investigating the possibility of certifying,” said Robert Wheeler, CEO. “From that initial time to now, we have grown to view this platform as a way to measure ourselves against other businesses that are achieving financial success and positively impacting their employees, their community, and the globe. We believe that thinking long term and doing business the right way is the clearest path to providing positive leadership to other companies considering B Corp certification.” 

Living Our Purpose

At Kalsec, we understand the choices we make ripple through supply chains, touch countless lives, and influence the well-being of our planet.

Our purpose is unwavering: Unlocking the potential of people, nature and science to nourish the world. This guides our operations, innovation, and commitment to thoughtful growth.

For more information on our efforts, read our newly released corporate social responsibility report.