Kalsec has a wide range of liquid extracts, including oleoresins and essential oils. Both can be requested as samples. Learn more about what is in a Kalsec sample jar:


Difference Between Oleoresins and Essential Oils

Oleoresins contain pigments, essential or volatile oils, fixed oils, antioxidants, and any pungent compounds that are present in the plant material. An oleoresin-ginger product has a nice dark color and a well-rounded flavor, while oil of ginger looks a lot different from the oleoresin version. The essential oil products are generally clear and colorless, or they might have a light-yellow color depending on the product, but essential oils contain only the volatile components of the spice or herb.

Our flavors can either be the single spice or herb extract, like ginger, or a combination of several extracts to make different flavor blends, like a Curry or a Thai Roasted Chili.

Kalsec Culinary Flavor Profiles

Kalsec has a great line of culinary flavor profiles, including caramelized onion or fried shallot, that give really nice, complex cooked notes without having to use specific cooking techniques. One can add a caramelized onion flavor straight to a food matrix and it will provide complex flavors without any additional processing steps. We also provide samples of our products that are available to try.