• Trend Brief: Snack Bars

    Snacks are evolving as trends change, and snack bars tend to lead the way. As more consumers return to work, many are opting for snack bars to help with the transition to being back on-the-go. After spending more time preparing meals, many consumers have found that they do not want to sacrifice the luxury of […]

  • Allium Extracts: Culinary Building Blocks

    When cooking at home, I typically use the alliums that I have on-hand when I am throwing a dish together. It’s amazing the dynamic flavor you can build when you have a half-used onion or clove of garlic laying around. Although, when I’m in the lab, it’s much different. I have access to over 130 […]

  • A Snack Redefined: Deconstructing Harissa

    How do you inspire and innovate to deliver authentic flavour creation? The answer is simpler than you might think. Flip things on their head! I, Andrew Bingham, Food Applications Scientist, will discuss deconstructing flavors – in this case harissa – for snacks that can lead to a new sensory experience for consumers. Novel Snacking Interests […]

  • Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils

    A primary quality concern for frying oil and oil-containing food products is oxidative stability. Unstable oils can rapidly oxidize and lead to undesirable aromas and flavors (cardboard, paint, and fishy notes). Increasing Shelf Life of Commodity Oils A stable oil leads to not only increased shelf-life of the oil itself, but also to the final […]

  • Modulating Your Flavor Experience

    “I would definitely order that again!” “I love that restaurant – every time I eat there I thoroughly enjoy my food.” We have all had a similar flavor experience, but have you ever considered why you loved that dish or restaurant? What makes food “tasty”? Our perception of flavor is a complex combination of both […]

  • Kalsec 2020 Social Responsibility Report

    Kalsec is proud to announce our corporate 2020 social responsibility (CSR) report. 2020 was a revolutionary year for companies worldwide in terms of social justice, workplace safety, and sustainability. A global pandemic impacted businesses everywhere, and Kalsec was not an exception. While the Covid-19 pandemic altered several goals as we shifted focus, it also helped […]

  • Ensuring Supply Chain Quality with Pesticide Residue Analysis

    Often overlooked during the discussion on food integrity is the potential risk of pesticide contamination. While pesticides have an important role to play in protecting and increasing crop yields for an expanding world population, pesticide residue entering the food chain can pose a risk to human and animal health and must be monitored while limiting […]

  • The Making of a Culinary Artist

    Great chefs are both born and made. Kalsec’s culinary team draws on their backgrounds, preferences and unique experiences to craft flavors from the exciting and new to the comfortable and familiar. We want to share more about the people who craft Kalsec Taste and Sensory Solutions each and every day, beginning with Chef Anna Cheely. […]

  • Trend Brief: Plant-Based Proteins

    The trend for plant-based snacks and foods continues to grow, with plant-based foods retailing for more than $7 billion in 2020, a 27% growth rate overall according to Food Dive. Plant-based proteins continue to gain traction globally, with 57% of U.S. households purchasing plant-based foods in 2020. We are seeing plant-based snacks evolve, with new […]

  • A Symphony of Flavor

    From the simplest nursery rhyme to the grandest concerto, every piece of music is composed of only twelve notes. The composer’s skill in combining them in new and balanced ways is what turns them into masterpieces. Savory culinary compositions are similar. A chef’s talent is in using the basic building blocks of flavor to craft […]