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Sensory platform will be available at the first House of Humans location in Netherlands

KALAMAZOO, Mich., – July 9, 2024 – Natural food and beverage ingredients supplier Kalsec Inc alongside global leader in sensory neuroscience product development Thimus are pleased to announce the launch of their innovative platform T-Box by Thimus at the premier of the new House of Humans facility located at Bronland 10D1, 6708 WH, Wageningen, Netherlands. The facility—located at Wageningen University & Research—will be one of many new global locations offering access to advanced sensory neuroscience for stakeholders’ research, product development, reformulation, and testing needs. 

Designed to consider how human emotion and cultural expectations affect food experiences, T-Box by Thimus is an electromagnetic sensory headset that receives signals from the brain caused by sensory reactions to food. The data is then collected and monitored on the electronic device connected to T-Box.  

“Our goal with T-Box is to understand the cultural, social and physical implications that affect the way we respond to food.” Maria Tzoumaki, Director of Discovery and Open Innovation at Kalsec Global 

“Our goal with T-Box is to understand the cultural, social and physical implications that affect the way we respond to food,” said Maria Tzoumaki, Director of Discovery and Open Innovation at Kalsec Global. 

T-Box will be especially pertinent for product development initiatives and will assist in increasing food security and decreasing food waste by identifying both positive and negative reactions to food experiences. “As the global population continues to surge, it is now more important than ever to advance our food applications and systems to fit the growing needs of our world,” continued Tzoumaki.

Kalsec and Thimus’ partnership was forged in response to Kalsec’s growing desire to increase its business collaborations, specifically with organizations prioritizing the advancement of food technology and applications. 

“The state of mind at the House of Humans facility in Wageningen is to work together, grow together and learn together,” said Tzoumaki. “Our goal is to use our collaborative and innovative spirit to lead more disruptive achievements and open doors for Kalsec to forge more business partnerships in the future.”

Kalsec will be offering T-Box by Thimus to its customer base while also supporting Thimus’ effort to expand the platform’s usage, particularly at the local House of Humans locations.

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About Kalsec®

Kalsec® Inc provides innovative taste and sensory, natural food protection, natural colors, and advanced hops solutions to the food and beverage industries. We capture the best nature has to offer and utilize over 60 years of experience and industry leading innovation to make food and beverage products look better, taste better and last longer. Family owned and headquartered in Kalamazoo, Michigan since 1958, Kalsec has regional offices, laboratories and sales teams in North America, Europe and Asia. As a certified B Corp, Kalsec makes ethical and sustainable decisions that serve our customers, employees, communities, and the environment. We are proud to be using our business as a force for good.

About Thimus

Thimus is a unique, neuroscience-based company serving the food and beverage industry worldwide with its scalable and uniquely portable T-Box platform. The result of five years of investment, the T-Box represents the solution every player involved in product development and reformulation would dream of: an easy-to-use, scalable tool that can be easily added to traditional evaluation panels, transforming traditional sensory analysis in a supercharged sensory neuroscience experience that can provide objective, repeatable measures of the emotional and cognitive response to food. Thanks to the uniqueness of this market-validated technology, Thimus has been featured on Netflix and several media outlets, including the Wall Street Journal and Italy’s public television (RAI). Today, aside from the main licensing and service activities in Europe and North America, Thimus is also part of research groups and active in academic teaching at Bologna Business School, Catholic University of Milan and others.

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