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Creative Kitchen Alliums

Capture the depth of flavor alliums provide when they’re transformed in the kitchen by roasting, sautéing or caramelization.


Chef-Made Flavors in a Fraction of the Time

Let our extracts simplify your processes by bringing the flavors of time-consuming kitchen techniques into your products with our easy-to-use extracts.   

Created under the direction of our chefs, Creative Kitchen Alliums allow food manufacturers to provide the refined flavors once limited to the kitchen and introduce them into their packaged goods.

  • Eliminates the need for cooking raw ingredients to achieve the cooked flavor.  
  • Immediate flavor impact with consistency in every batch.
  • More cost friendly than fresh alternatives.  
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Explore Creative Kitchen Alliums

Alliums evolve into more savory versions of themselves as they undergo certain cooking techniques.

Once roasted, sautéed or caramelized, they become crucial to delivering authentic flavor experiences. Because we’ve captured the results of these cooking techniques in natural extract form, you can add their tastes and aromas easily and with much less hassle than actually cooking the fresh ingredients.    


When alliums are sweated, they add a sweet, muted and mild flavor that’s often used as a base for other flavors to build on in foods such as soups and stews. The technique, often executed with onion and garlic, combines moderate heat with fat until the alliums are transparent.


A common technique used in stir fry, soup and stew, sautéed alliums are first sliced or diced, then added to a sauté pan over high heat with fat to promote browning. Often used with onion, they deliver a sweet and slightly toasted flavor.


Shallots and onions can be fried to develop rich, caramelly sweet and toasted notes with big depth of flavor. It is achieved by adding thin slices to oil and slowly cooking the allium to remove the water, resulting in a crispy product.


Using a screaming hot grill, this technique is done with direct high heat to create a charred flavor on the outside and a sweet, sweated flavor on the inside. In applications, this technique is used to add flavor to salsa and sauces.

Oven Roasted

Not as aggressive as grilling, oven roasting happens at high heat for about 30 minutes. The alliums are rubbed with oil for darkly colored, crispy edges with a soft interior. The sweet, toasted and slightly charred flavor is typically achieved with onion and garlic.


Sliced alliums are added to a pan and cooked slowly over a period of 30-45 minutes with butter, resulting in a sweet, nutty and evenly browned candy-like flavor. Onions caramelize beautifully.


Smoking happens at a low temperature when a warm draft of smoke traipses over the top of the allium, fully cooking it, but not adding much color. It results in a smoky sweet flavor, great for dips, dressings and condiments.


We translate the authentic flavors of spices, herbs and vegetables into easy-to-use extracts.

Additionally, our extracts are carefully designed and produced in a variety of formats to meet specific recipe needs. 


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