Delivery Systems

Aquaresin® Oil/Water Dispersible Oleoresins

Our patented emulsification system featuring the convenience of oil and water dispersibility to a natural color, flavor or antioxidant solution with all the benefits of an oleoresin.

Essential Oils

A complex mixture of volatile components responsible for the aromatic characteristics of the spice.

Oil Soluble Oleoresins

Obtained from extraction containing the full organoleptic character of the natural spice or herb in oil soluble form.

Simply Aquaresin® Cleaner Label Water Dispersible Oleoresins

Our innovative new water dispersible oleoresins designed to provide cleaner label options.  These emulsification systems are allergen-free, non-GMO, exclude DATEM, and are acceptable based on the most current ingredient lists published by US retail grocers and restaurants.

Water Soluble

Spice and herb flavor extracts and antioxidants used in applications requiring complete solubility in water and brine solutions.

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