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Data Source: Innova Market Insights
Growth from 2016 to 2017

Beer flavors in finished food applications are gaining traction in the industry. From 2016 to 2017, Innova Market Insights tracked an 8% increase in new product introductions for foods with beer style flavors. The main categories that are seeing growth include sauces, seasonings, meats and snacks. Since this is a relatively new food trend, we believe there is a lot of potential for continued growth.

53% of Millennials say “craft” communicates high quality, according to The Harris Poll, 2016. They want the flavor and specificity – they do not just want beer cheese, they want IPA beer cheese. As Gen Z continues to develop and enter the market, we expect to see an increase in this demand.

Cooking with Beer Flavors vs. Actual Beer

Beer style flavors in food are an innovation in the industry that capitalizes on the recent trend for specific and artisan beer flavors, such as IPA, Porter and Stout instead of simply “beer.” For example, instead of a ‘beer barbecue sauce’ you might start to see more ‘Porter barbecue sauce’ or similar flavors on the shelves or even at your local brewery.

They want the flavor and specificity – they do not just want beer cheese, they want IPA beer cheese.

So why not just use beer when developing new products? Well, it is better in theory than practice. Beer does not hold up to many processing techniques, so the food does not get the full flavor of the beer. When using natural flavors and hop oils created to taste like each specific beer, they are more stable and provide a more satisfying experience for customers. Using our culinary expertise, Kalsec created flavors that are retort stable and can be fried and baked – advantages that are not guaranteed when cooking with beer.

Flavor Expertise


Our skilled culinary chefs and hop experts are noticing an increase in craft beer flavors moving into food products, such as brats and cheese. “With roughly 100 of the 261 new products being meat applications according to Innova Market Insights, it is not just the basic beer bratwurst anymore. Some examples of these products include meat sticks, jerky, fresh and cured sausage, battered and breaded frozen seafood, marinated meats and deli meats,” said Lindsay Bond, Culinary Scientist, Kalsec.



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