Kalsec can help formulate your snacks for a clean label while lowering costs compared to higher stability oils. The use of naturally sourced antioxidants in commodity oils is an economical option to replacing the current high oleic oil options while maintaining, or even increasing, oxidative stability. Our liquid extracts can also provide improved storage stability, reduced storage and shipping costs.


Kalsec natural spice and herb extracts allow for consistent color and flavor release, providing taste and sensory solutions for snacks while maintaining a clean label. These ingredients are supported by our extensive sensory and analytical capabilities.

Health and Wellness

Kalsec naturally sourced ingredients can provide stable alternatives to a wide range of synthetic ingredients. For example, with the increase of clean label demands, many companies are looking to replace BHA/BHT, propyl gallate and TBHQ with natural antioxidants in processed meat products. Learn more about Kalsec naturally sourced antioxidants and our capabilities below.

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Reduce Oxidation of Nuts

Nuts contain different amounts of fat with varied fatty acid compositions, so it is important for food manufacturers to understand the oxidative susceptibility of nuts and seeds before adding them to applications like snack bars or trail mix. Kalsec’s naturally sourced antioxidants help reduce off flavors by preventing oxidative rancidity.

Learn more about the fat and fatty acid content of a variety of nuts and Kalsec antioxidants from this white paper: Oxidative Stability of Nuts

In the chart below, sliced almonds were exposed to retail store light, with and without Kalsec antioxidants. Almonds protected by Kalsec Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems saw 78 percent less hexanal (formed when oxidation occurs).

Sliced almonds exposed to retail store light formed 78 percent less hexanal (formed when oxidation occurs) when protected by Kalsec Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems.

Chart of stability of sliced almonds under light with a control and Duralox NM-110 product

Using Naturally Sourced Antioxidants in Commodity Oil

Rosemary is the dominant herb used in natural antioxidant extracts on the market, both in Europe and the United States. Kalsec Herbalox® and Duralox® rosemary extracts naturally increase the shelf life of commodity oils, exceeding high oleic oils and synthetic antioxidants in food protection.

Learn more about the capabilities of naturally sourced antioxidants as an alternative to high oleic oils or synthetic antioxidants: Oxidative Stability of Commodity Oils

Protect the Flavor of Fried Snacks

Kalsec naturally sourced antioxidants can stabilize both frying oils and fried snacks. In the chart below, an increased hexanal value in the control samples corresponds to increased rancidity in the multigrain chips. Lower hexanal values show improved stability when Herbalox® Rosemary Extracts were used.


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Naturally Sourced Color Extracts for Chips and Crisps

color for snacksKalsec naturally sourced color extracts contribute intense, clean label colors for many snack applications like chips, crackers and crisps. Many consumers want natural colors that are bold, without sacrificing the products they have come to know through synthetic colors. Tapping into this trend will attract consumers with bold natural sources like paprika, turmeric and carrot that many consumers know while keeping a colorful product that is eye-catching.

Learn more about the trend for shareable natural colors in our Market Insight: Shareable Natural Colors

Bold Colors for Snacks

Kalsec natural colors deliver high-impact snack colors across the rainbow from red, pink, orange and yellow to blues and greens with improved stability using Durabrite® High Stability Colors. Vegetone® Color Systems can provide customized color solutions for your specific snack applications.

Explore Kalsec Naturally Sourced Colors

Snacks are Heating Up

More consumers are enjoying spicy snacks; for example, three out of four Mexican consumers eat spicy foods as a snack. Kalsec hot and spicy creations can provide consistent heat levels in snacks to ensure that the correct heat level is being maintained in your snack applications. Additionally, Kalsec specialty pepper extracts provide for clean label and front of pack claims for specific pepper profiles, like ghost pepper, habanero and jalapeno.

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Authentic International Cuisines

snacks taste and sensory solutionsSome consumers are becoming adventurous when it comes to their snack options. Snacks provide a low-risk opportunity for these consumers to try new and complex flavors. Kalsec can provide complex flavor profiles to bring authentic flavors from around the world to a variety of snack applications.

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Classic Snack Flavors

Classic flavors are consistently ranked the most popular in snack applications throughout the world. Kalsec has a wide range of classic flavors, from standard onion and garlic to specialty alliums, including chives, shallots and leeks. We can even add depth of flavor with smoked, toasted, roasted or caramelized variations.

Kalsec classic creations create the familiar flavors your customers know and love. Our culinary chefs and flavor scientists will work with you as they combine artisan flavors and technical expertise to build your preferred flavor profile.