Baked Goods and Cereals

The visual appearance and smell of baked goods and cereals are an indicator to consumers of freshness and quality. Consumers continue to look for more colorful and flavorful baked goods and cereals that contain simple, natural ingredients while touting bold colors and flavors.


Kalsec liquid colors, taste and sensory solutions offer an economical alternative to many dry spices. Our liquid extracts provide improved storage stability, consistent color and flavor release, and reduced storage and shipping costs. Kalsec natural food protection products also increase shelf life by helping to control oxidation, saving money and food waste.


Kalsec liquid extracts are easily incorporated into many processing methods without clumping or caking. They are formulated for oil and water applications and can also be plated onto dry carriers for ultimate convenience of use.


Kalsec natural taste and sensory solutions contribute color and flavor intensity for maximum impact in baked goods, cereals and snacks. Kalsec antioxidants assist in maintaining flavor and aroma characteristics by reducing degradation caused by oxidation. Kalsec naturally sourced colors provide clean label color solutions to replace synthetic colors with minimal flavor impact.

Health and Wellness

Kalsec naturally sourced colors, food protection, taste and sensory solutions allow for alternatives to many synthetic ingredients, providing for cleaner label products.

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Maintain Aroma in Baked Goods

High fat levels in baked goods often create instability and compromised shelf life.

As a result, the original freshness and profile of the baked good is lost, and off-flavors and aromas are generated. In the chart below, a peanut butter cookie (control) has lost some of its consumer appeal due to the reduction of fresh peanut aroma and flavor with increased oxidized off flavor and aroma.

Herbalox® Rosemary Extracts maintain the fresh peanut aroma and flavor in the cookie for increased shelf life and longer consumer appeal. Herbalox® Rosemary Extracts can easily be incorporated in both a nut and the dough for improved protection.

Clean Label Cereals

Providing a cleaner consumer label while maintaining flavor and aroma in cereals can be a challenge. Herbalox® Rosemary Extracts are easily added to extruded cereals to not only reduce the development of off, rancid and cardboard-like flavor notes, but also to increase the shelf life without compromising the flavor of the cereal.

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Baked Goods

Kalsec natural colors offer a full range of color hues to improve the visual appeal and perception of freshness in a variety of baked goods. Kalsec oleoresin and Aquaresin® Annatto, Turmeric, Paprika, Carrot, Beet, and blends of these pigments provide an extensive selection of shades in the yellow, orange, red, blue and green ranges. These colors range from lighter hues to bold colors that can make your baked goods stand out.

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Kalsec natural colors are a convenient alternative to many synthetic colors for cereal applications.

Synthetic Color E-Number Kalsec Natural Color Equivalent
Allura Red AC (FD&C Red No. 40) E 129 Durabrite® Anthocyanin Red
Carnoisine E 122 Durabrite® Anthocyanin Red
Ponceau 4R E 124 Durabrite® Anthocyanin Red
Quinoline Yellow E 104 Annatto Extract
Sunset Yellow FCF (FD&C Yellow No. 6) E 110 Oleoresin Paprika
Tartrazine (FD&C Yellow No. 5 E 102 Oleoresin Carrot or Oleoresin Turmeric

Baked Goods

We offer a full range of taste and sensory solutions for baking, from traditional flavors like garlic and onion to trending flavor combinations like sweet and heat, we can help create a flavor profile for your next big innovation. More classic culinary flavors include anise, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, garlic, ginger, mace, nutmeg, onion, oregano, rosemary, sage, and thyme.

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