Much like a builder must choose the right materials to construct a safe and durable house, food manufacturers have to choose the right ingredients to create high quality, consistent products. One wrong choice can make even the most impressive concept fall flat. A key ingredient for many products are alliums. Alliums are particularly volatile, especially when used in their fresh or dry powder forms.

Continue reading the full article where Cara Gu, Senior Scientist – Applications, Kalsec Shanghai, discusses just a few of the challenges that alliums present, and how the power of extracts can help save the day. The challenges Cara will address include:

  • “Natural variation occurs from crop to crop causing inconsistencies in my final product at shelf.”
  • “Dry spices are well known for their high microbiological levels!”
  • “I’m always being asked to reduce the cost of my ingredients.”
  • “I like the sound of cost savings, but my customer expects to see pieces of garlic/onion in my product.”
  • “Storage, handling and transportation of dehydrated alliums can be complex and with the current pandemic, logistics continue to be a challenge.”

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About the Author

portrait of Cara Gu, application scientistCara Gu is an Application Scientist of Kalsec Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. who graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University majoring in food science and engineering. She has over 20 years of work experience in food beverage development and application, focusing on sauces, snacks and solid beverage etc. Cara has been with Kalsec about five years, supporting Greater China sales growth strategy through solving technical problems and managing customer projects.

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