Great chefs are both born and made. Kalsec’s culinary team draws on their backgrounds, preferences and unique experiences to craft flavors from the exciting and new to the comfortable and familiar. We want to share more about the people who craft Kalsec Taste and Sensory Solutions each and every day, beginning with Chef Anna Cheely.

“To me, food is an open field of possibilities. Everything reminds me of food and food reminds me of everything—culture, history, and memorable moments with friends and family,” said Chef Anna.

Chef Anna’s food journey started with humble pantry staples and grew more complex and extraordinary with every new culinary experiment. Her skills are the result of years of reading, cooking, thinking, writing, traveling and schooling — but it all started with an interest in food and cooking at a young age. There aren’t many things you can control as a child; having the ability to creatively make and control what she ate blew her mind.

An Inside Look at Taste & Sensory Solutions

This was an excerpt from the premiere issue of Crafting Taste, a new online publication from Kalsec. Continue reading the full article for Chef Anna’s perspective on becoming a culinary artist and food scientist for Kalsec, where she helps craft Kalsec Taste and Sensory Solutions.

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Crafting Taste

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About the Author

portrait of Anna Cheely, food scientist and chefChef Anna Cheely works in the Taste and Sensory Innovation department finding culinary-based solutions for customers, from seasoning and sauce manufacturers to CPG companies. She began her career in culinary school and worked in New York restaurants, followed by a Master of Science at the University of Georgia in sensory and food science. In her current role as Senior Scientist – Taste Solutions & Sensory, she combines the world of culinary techniques and knowledge with food science to give customers multifaceted solutions.

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