• Natural Antioxidant Solutions for Improved Oil Reliability and Cost Control in an Unstable Market

    Kalsec’s natural antioxidants can help you manage the cost and availability issues in your oil supply that result from supply chain fluctuations. From enhancing standard oils with natural antioxidants to alternatives that help you manage price fluctuations and uncertain supply, we’ll partner with you to find solutions that are safe, effective and readily available for […]

  • Trend Brief: Snack Bars

    Snacks are evolving as trends change, and snack bars tend to lead the way. As more consumers return to work, many are opting for snack bars to help with the transition to being back on-the-go. After spending more time preparing meals, many consumers have found that they do not want to sacrifice the luxury of […]

  • A Snack Redefined: Deconstructing Harissa

    How do you inspire and innovate to deliver authentic flavour creation? The answer is simpler than you might think. Flip things on their head! I, Andrew Bingham, Food Applications Scientist, will discuss deconstructing flavors – in this case harissa – for snacks that can lead to a new sensory experience for consumers. Novel Snacking Interests […]

  • Trend Brief: Plant-Based Proteins

    The trend for plant-based snacks and foods continues to grow, with plant-based foods retailing for more than $7 billion in 2020, a 27% growth rate overall according to Food Dive. Plant-based proteins continue to gain traction globally, with 57% of U.S. households purchasing plant-based foods in 2020. We are seeing plant-based snacks evolve, with new […]

  • Trend Brief: Savory Snack Trends

      View this post on Instagram   Do you have a go-to snack? Many consumers are turning to premium snack packs with more choices to supplement meals, like the ones in this image. Have you ever wondered how snacks stay fresh longer in this environment? Learn more about Kalsec natural antioxidants at the link in […]

  • Trend Brief: Chip Flavors

    Chip flavors are a great way to expand a product line while taking advantage of trending flavors. Snacks are arguably one of the ripest categories for innovation within the food sector, with a seemingly endless amount of options for flavor, color and snack application options. In many cases we saw a resurgence in flavored chips […]

  • Top Food Trend Predictions for 2021

    With many aspects of 2021 tentative – travel, consumption preferences, health and wealth – predicting food trends for 2021 is challenging. Covid-19 restrictions are still affecting how people consume food, purchase groceries, eat at restaurants and interact with quick-service restaurants in 2021. Kalsec global market research experts are predicting six trends that we expect to […]

  • Review: Kalsec 2020 Food Trend Predictions

    At the beginning of 2020 Kalsec predicted five food industry trends that we expected to grow over the year: savory snacking, connecting with consumers, plant-based proteins, classic flavors and authentic global flavors. A lot has changed throughout the globe since January 2020 as people and companies adjusted to the effects of an ongoing global pandemic. […]

  • Trend Brief: Healthy Snacks

    As consumers assess their overall health and consumption habits, healthy snacks are in the spotlight. The definition of a ‘healthy’ snack differs based on consumer perspectives, and taste remains important. For Asian Millennial and Gen Z consumers, ‘healthier’ snacks might mean an increased focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing with better-for-you ingredients. In the U.S., […]

  • Case Study: Naturally Color Snacks

    More consumers are opting for products that have clean and clear labels.1 This poses a challenge to manufacturers when creating vibrant snacks while using naturally sourced colors. Historically, natural colors have not provided the same level of vibrancy as synthetic colors. This case study solves the problem that many manufacturers face as they opt for […]