Nuts face a wide range of oxidation challenges, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Their high fat and fatty acid compositions can make them susceptible to rancidity in a very short period of time. Storage and packaging can also have an impact because of exposure to air and light. These challenges brought us a customer who was looking for a solution to reduce rancidity of nuts, specifically almonds, while maintaining the package’s clean label all without impacting flavor.

Reduce Rancidity of Nuts with Rosemary Extract

After sharing data with the customer about the success we have using antioxidants in nuts to manage rancidity, together we settled on an oil glaze that included rosemary extract. Kalsec provided a rosemary extract as a naturally sourced antioxidant that could be added to the glaze that the manufacturer was already using on their clean label almonds. The rosemary extract had a very low flavor and aroma profile, meeting both packaging and flavor requirements for the oil glaze. Most importantly, it controlled the rancidity issues the customer was experiencing.

Kalsec developed unique solutions that extend shelf stability for a wide variety of nuts. You can learn more about our work and view more case studies in our white paper Stabilizing Nuts and Seeds Clean Label Solutions.

Kalsec Rosemary Extracts

Kalsec’s natural food protection provides an effective alternative to synthetic antioxidants traditionally used in the food industry. It is well known that antioxidants play a key role in maintaining the flavor and color stability of food products, but natural antioxidants also help protect the nutritional quality of food. With several different naturally sourced options available, these label-friendly products can be used in a large variety of applications to keep your foods tasting better, looking better and lasting longer.

At Kalsec all mechanisms causing oxidative deterioration are reviewed to provide maximum protection, resulting in a longer shelf life of products. This gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting maximum protection when they work with Kalsec to reduce rancidity and improve shelf life stability.

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