Product line extensions remain a sound strategy for bringing new customers to your brand while maintaining existing customers. A lot of work goes into brainstorming new flavors, and sometimes an idea can be hard to create. There is a bonus opportunity of product line extensions: to examine how you might create efficiencies when innovating within your product line. Recently, Kalsec worked with a customer to explore a line extension that resulted in not just one, but multiple new flavors while exposing other unexpected benefits.

Adding Roasted Garlic Flavor After Extrusion

The initial request from the customer was multi-layered. The customer needed a roasted garlic flavor for a garlic and butter flavored crouton that had to be oil soluble and clean label compliant. The flavor also had to be added to oil after extrusion. The Kalsec research and development team went to work testing different products that would work in the application. We ultimately recommended a cost-effective oil soluble garlic flavor extract, and shared two other flavors that we thought the crouton manufacturer might like as well. The success of these extensions led to other flavor explorations, including an oil soluble fried shallot flavor for a new fried onion snack introduction.

In addition, our team suggested the customer add Herbalox® Rosemary Extract, a natural antioxidant, to extend the shelf life of their products. This would help the flavor, and the product, last longer on shelves, decreasing food waste and increasing profits.

Maximizing Product Line Extensions

Working with a supplier who can provide multiple options is the key to success in today’s competitive marketplace. It helps save the customer time brainstorming new flavor ideas, and introduces new perspectives to their product line. With solutions Crafted by Kalsec™, you get what you asked for, and so much more.

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