Spice and Herb Extracts

Derived from the natural flavor source, Spice and Herb Extracts are the building blocks of Kalsec Natural Taste & Sensory Solutions. Our extensive offerings are an easy substitute for dry or fresh alternatives and deliver greater consistency and safety. For more than 60 years, manufacturers of prepared food and food ingredients have relied on Kalsec for our extensive portfolio of naturally sourced spice and herb extracts, and our full range of options provide chefs and food scientists with the tools they need to achieve their targeted flavor profile.


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Essential OilsExpeller-PressedOleoresins

Starting with the ancient Chinese and Egyptians, essential oils have been used in foods as flavoring since ancient times. The first essential oils were likely infusions of plants in oil. Today, steam distillation is used which extracts the naturally occurring oils from the plant and result in a highly concentrated product. While the processing techniques have changed, the value of these essential oils as flavoring for food remains. Kalsec has an extensive offering of essential oils for spice, herb and citrus flavors ranging from anise to lemon and oregano to thyme.

Our expeller-pressed spice and herb extracts are made with a patented process intended to capture the true essence of nature. These spice and herb extracts are manufactured in the United States and maintain the highest standard in color, flavor and composition. They can provide unique, consumer-friendly labeling, such as “expeller-pressed celery”. Kalsec Expeller-Pressed products allow you to have peace of mind in creating a clean label product for your consumer audience.

Kalsec was an early innovator in developing oleoresins for the food and beverage industry. With our extensive experience in extracting spices and herbs, we offer the widest portfolio available – essentially, if you can grow it, we can extract it.

Kalsec oleoresins are the building blocks for familiar and trending global flavor blends. Used on their own or combined together, they offer an unlimited number of options. And, because they are crafted by Kalsec, we pride ourselves in the fact that our oleoresins are naturally sourced and reliably consistent in flavor, aroma and color.


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