Fish tacos

In This Issue:


The Making of a Culinary Artist
Article by Chef Anna Cheely


Composing Savory Food Symphonies
Article by Shane McDonald, PhD and Kathryn Thamann


Mapping & Matching Food Trends & Consumer Personas
Article by Chloe Stewart


The Sensory Science of Creating Authentic Flavors
Article by Robin Boyle


The Cast of Culinary Characters
Article by Chef Cory Barrett


Modulating Your Flavor Experience
Article by Laura Lafond

Julie Heine

Julie Heine, President and Chief Commercial Officer


Great meals are meant to be shared—so is great knowledge.

We are excited to bring you this first edition of Crafting Taste that provides an inside look into the world of taste and sensory solutions and culinary inspiration. Kalsec’s decades of experience in crafting high-quality flavors using the best natural ingredients provides the foundation for these insights and stories.

Now, we’re sharing our expertise with you.

Crafting Taste is your window into the Kalsec approach to flavor which we hope will both entertain and educate. We believe this knowledge sharing will benefit everyone throughout the food industry, especially as consumer taste expectations for packaged goods grow and change.

We recognize that consumers have been actively seeking restaurant-quality flavors at home for years. Those in the industry have seen this phenomenon in a number of trends, from the growing popularity of global flavors to increased interest in hot and spicy flavors, as well as the desire for authentic-tasting meat flavors in plant-based proteins. As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers will continue to expect fine culinary experiences in their own kitchens.

These trends are a challenge to the many brands competing for consumer attention, but they also present an exciting opportunity. Brands understand the need to innovate and improve to create the dependably delicious culinary experiences consumers crave.

Read on as our experts share their knowledge and experience in crafting solutions that do just that.