Culinary Garlic, Onion and Specialty Alliums

Alliums are a core ingredient and the key to enhancing the flavor of nearly any dish across all cuisines and cultures. Alliums provide an irreplaceable depth of flavor, which is why Kalsec’s chefs and food scientists have created an extensive and innovative allium portfolio. From capturing the taste of garlic, onion, leeks, scallions and shallots, to providing culinary dimensions that offer deep and rich flavor profiles, Kalsec is your source for authentic allium flavor.


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Core AlliumsCreative Kitchen AlliumsSpecialty Alliums

Onion and Garlic

Comprised of onion and garlic, core alliums are widely used and are foundational in cooking across all cuisines and cultures. They add iconic flavor to dishes, ranging from their raw taste of being bold and pungent to evening out for a mellow and sweet flavor throughout the cooking process. Alliums can lead the primary flavor profile in a dish where their flavor is forward and obvious, or they can provide the depth of flavor that will fully round out a dish and tie together the adjoining flavors and main ingredients.

Liquid extracts can offer as much as 40 to 80 percent savings over dehydrated powder.

Kalsec garlic and onion extracts offer a natural advantage over dehydrated alternatives. Not only are they easier to use and store, they offer greater stability and microbial quality in products that are not heat treated. Delivering an immediate flavor impact without the need for rehydration, they come at a fraction of the cost with a savings of up to 80 percent. And, because they are crafted by Kalsec, you can count on a consistent and reliable supply.

Alliums are often cooked at the beginning stages of a dish to give it a deep and rich flavor. Onions, garlic, and other alliums have tremendous flavor dexterity, allowing chefs to apply a vast range of techniques to create different depths of flavor. Under the direction of our corporate chefs, Kalsec Creative Kitchen Alliums were developed to provide that same irresistible flavor and culinary dimension to packaged foods. They reflect techniques such as roasted, toasted, sautéed, fried, grilled, smoked and caramelized – each allowing for a specific flavor experience to elevate the foods you are developing for your consumers.

As one of the industry leaders in alliums, we offer one of the most comprehensive portfolios of specialty alliums which can help differentiate products by elevating expected flavors. From leeks to shallots and red onion to chives, they work efficiently to create a more enhanced flavor experience.

Green Onion/Scallions

Grown for their greens, they are often used in dishes raw or wilted as an accent flavor.

Spring Onion

Harvested earlier, spring onions are mild with a touch of spiciness when raw and become sweeter when cooked.


Used by chefs to finish a dish, they impart a mild onion flavor with hints of garlic.


The white part of leeks is tender and sweet and most often cooked in soups, stocks and sautéed or stir-fried dishes.


Milder in flavor than a traditional onion, a shallot’s structure allows it to break down more easily when cooked to provide a soft yet balanced flavor.

Yellow Onion

The most commonly used onion, the yellow onion is assertive when raw and becomes sweeter when cooked.

Red Onion

Pungent and spicy, red onions are versatile and are a commonly pickled, chopped in salads and used raw as a topping.


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