The Need for a Clean Label

Food manufacturers must pay close attention to their ingredient lists to meet growing consumer and wholesale demand for clean labels. This can be particularly challenging in fried food applications, where high-performing ingredients tend to be artificial to survive the frying process.

Recently, the need for cleaner labels combined with the hot and spicy food trend when a customer came to Kalsec® looking for a natural, soluble heat source for a fried food application, like shrimp or chicken.

Simply Aquaresin® Capsicum

Using Kalsec’s natural heat extracts like Simply Aquaresin® capsicum and natural flavors like dill pickle, we crafted an authentic Nashville hot flavor for their fried food application.

Simply Aquaresin® is a water-dispersible emulsification system that helps heat and flavor survive the frying process while maintaining shelf stability. Simply Aquaresin® also supports a cleaner label because it is non-GMO and free of synthetic emulsifiers.

Clean Label Heat Extracts

Kalsec’s leading team of product development experts can help you achieve a variety of flavor profiles with clean label solutions and natural heat extracts. Simply Aquaresin® is just one of many cutting-edge products that have been carefully crafted to help you succeed.

Want to learn more about creating innovative hot and spicy foods with clean label natural heat extracts?

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