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Fusionary® Heat

Add a culinary dimension to heat expression by combining it with other flavors like spicy, sweet, sour or salty.


Invigorate the Palate With New & Exciting Flavor Mashups

Develop dynamic experiences with inventive flavor combinations so your products stand out and leave a memorable taste in the mouth. 

Bring common or excitable pairings to a variety of applications with a snack that gets shared on social for its originality or a sweet & spicy spread that is craved by consumers. 

  • Capitalize on the growing demand for flavors that are more complex than just hot.
  • Provide true product differentiation in crowded markets.
  • Easily incorporate our extracts into any recipe. 
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Explore Fusionary Heat

Consumers love mashups - whether that's fusing two global cuisines or pairing up the iconic sweet and spicy. At the end of the day, its about a good flavor experience that they want to taste and tell their friend about. Fusionary Heat captures the concept of combining complimentary flavor and heat pairings to elevate products to deliver on the consumers' desire for unique and spicy flavors.

Spices peppers and citrus

We translate the authentic flavors of spices, herbs & vegetables into easy-to-use extracts.

Additionally, our extracts are carefully designed and produced in a variety of formats to meet specific recipe needs. 


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