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Precisely control your whole heat experience—our capsicum extracts offer standardized or customizable pungency, color & heat value.


Bring the Heat, No Matter What Your Culinary Needs Might Be

Being the first ones to extract capsicum for food manufacturing, we know a few things about heat and have proudly built our company off this cornerstone product line. From decolorized to vibrant, and low heat to extreme, our capsicum products allow you to dial-in exact levels of heat to create your next hot & spicy sensation.

Our capsicum is naturally and sustainably sourced from chili peppers at our two vertically integrated growing locations and through trusted and reliable suppliers from around the world. Adaptable to nearly any savory application, our capsicum performs exceptionally well in sauces, dressings, condiments, pickles, brines, and salsa.

  • Provides consistency of heat expression from batch to batch. 
  • Customizable heat, flavor and color for product differentiation.
  • Standardized heat levels are available to guide product creation.
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Kalsec Capsicum Vertical Integration

We have two growing locations in the U.S. and work with a select group of farmers to ensure supply for our customers.


Explore Capsicum

Using our capsicum extracts allows you to create consistent spicy food products without the issues of crop variability, all while maintaining a consumer-preferred clean label.


We translate the authentic flavors of spices, herbs and vegetables into easy-to-use extracts.

Additionally, our extracts are carefully designed and produced in a variety of formats to meet specific recipe needs. 


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