Meeting Food Safety Concerns with Clean Labels

Microbial spoilage in minimally processed meat products is a serious concern during storage and distribution. Temperature variations, extended distances of distribution and various other environmental factors can foster rancid flavors, discoloration and the growth of spoilage organisms in meat products.

Chemical-sounding oxidation inhibitors and antimicrobials may help extend shelf life but are not popular choices with the consumer who is demanding a clean label solution.

Inhibiting Lipid Oxidation without Masking Microbial Spoilage Using Rosemary Extract

Naturally formulated rosemary extract and buffered vinegar effectively inhibit rancidity, discoloration and the growth of spoilage organisms in ground meats. This white paper looks at two case studies, showing the advantages of the formulation in added flavor protection and shelf life extension while keeping a clean label.

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Clean Label Trends

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