Bold and Innovative

IFT 2017 product display
June 30, 2017 – Kalsec® enjoyed experimenting with bold ingredients through our Creation Station™ at IFT 2017. We hope you had a chance to stop by and create your own craft mac ‘n cheese. Aside from sharing our snacks with exhibitors, we walked around and took note of a few trends that we saw on the floor. We noticed four major trends from the food industry showcased at IFT, and have summarized them below.

Four Trends from IFT 2017

Going Global

The first trend was for globally-inspired products and flavors. As consumers increasingly become exposed to new cultures and flavors, their flavor profile and demand changes. Many exhibitors showcased their abilities to bring desired international flavors closer to home.

Handling the Heat

The heat was not just outside in Las Vegas. Hot and spicy food trends continue to rise; we noticed a strong presence at IFT this year. We saw many different levels of heat management on both the product and food ingredient side. Kalsec® believes that we will continue to see a rise in this trend due to consumer demand.

Power to the Plants

The third trend we noticed was a focus on flexitarian-friendly foods and ingredients to support a (mostly) plant-based diet. Many booths recognized the need for an increase in vegetarian options, and they delivered. For those who wanted to splurge on their flexitarian diet while at the show, there were a plethora of options for them as well.

Clean Label

The last trend is a macro trend that is developing into an industry standard. This is the trend for a clean label and products that will help accomplish this goal. This was coupled with use of the loose term “natural.” Many companies have different interpretations of the term, as well as consumers. Due to the steady increase in consumer’s demand for transparency of labels and healthy living, we expect to see these trends continue for both ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

On Trend

To read more about our trend predictions from the beginning of 2017, check out our 2017 Trends Report. We look forward to IFT 2018 in Chicago.

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